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Bathroom Cleaning Service

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The toilets area to be kept clean throughout the day with cleaning at regular intervals.

  • Flush all WC’s and Urinals and splash water inside the washbasins.
  • Spray CHEMICAL in the Toilet Bowls and urinal Bowls & Leave it as it is for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Scrub all toilet bowls and urinal with a WC brush & Flush the bowls and wash the urinal with water.
  • Then use a duster to wipe and dry all the toilet bowls and urinal outside areas.
  • Ensure the lids are replaced in their place after wiping them dry for the toilet bowls as well as the urinal bowels.
  • Apply diluted chemical on wash basin with water & Scrub the wash basin with scotch pad.
  • Wash the wash basin, Wipe dry the area around the basin and wipe any water splashed around on the wall / glass etc.
  • Use a cloth dipped in solution to clean the glass surfaces in the toilets including the Mirrors.
  • Use a Wet Mop dipped in diluted CHEMICAL & Mop the floor thoroughly and then uses a dry mop to finish the cleaning.
  • Finish off cleaning by ensuring that all surfaces are completely dry and no water is spilled anywhere in the toilet.

Weekly Cleaning:

  • Use a feather duster to clean all moldings below the ceiling.
  • Clean the wall tiles using diluted CHEMICALS.
  • Scrub the Marble / Granite Floor using diluted chemicals.
  • Cleaning or light fixtures and ceiling should be carried out.
  • All fittings to be thoroughly cleaned.

Note: The safety precautions has been carried out during the cleaning process


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